Cacao Ceremony with Nalinee Diosara          

“Warriors who journey inwards transforming all within with compassion and gratitude

are examples of peace, dedication and humility,”

Online Group Cacao Ceremony with Nalinee



June Full Moon – 5th June 3.30 pm Thailand time

June Solstice – 21st June 8.00 am Thailand time



“For anyone who wishes to experience Cacao Ceremony, I strongly recommended this event.

I just had my first ceremony and OMG it was super powerful,” Peter


“Thank you so much Nalinee for a beautiful cacao ceremony, my first.

I saw a shaman dancing and chanting in the night

and when I looked up the sky was alive with light. Also last night as I slept I woke up with strong energy through my central

channel to my womb area. I have never experience that before. It was very powerful,”  Heidi


      So many changes and shifts we are all going through individually and collectively. It is surely a blessing to grow as both spiritual and physical beings. We feel one another so much during this time and are doing our best to hold space of peace, love and gratitude. This is my new offer, an exciting opportunity for us to gather online sit with Heart Felt Presence of mama cacao. 

Usually I encourage everyone who attends cacao ceremony to have Ceremonial Grade Cacao for its medicinal properties and ethical growing and harvesting practices, but in time of lock-down like this I feel with my heart to open the sacred space for anyone who wishes to join.

This group gathering will not be limited to those who can obtain Ceremonial Grade Cacao only. If you feel resonate to simply sit with us; meditate and anchor love into heart and lands…COME and JOIN US!

The core objective of this online group ceremony is to assist one another with love and support in releasing heaviness and anchoring presence of love, clarity, and gratitude into our beings and lands.

Online Ceremony will be held via Zoom meeting.


*If you are looking for More Intimate, Deeper Journey and Healing with Mama Cacao, please check out Private Online Cacao Ceremony 


What is Cacao Ceremony?

From the Olmec, Aztec to Mayans, many tribes have different stories and traditions in working with Cacao. Here I offer supportive and meditative space to go inwards engage with voice of higher self through spirit of mama Cacao. 

Similar to other plant medicines/ teachers; Cacao takes us inwards. Mama Cacao especially invites us into the place of our hearts. Meeting and embracing all that we are which includes suppressed emotions. Not only that Mama Cacao remind us of gratitude and harmony. She also helps us in birthing new ideas, inspirations and guidance for us to embrace our new self and chapters. Here is a safe, supporting and loving space for you to go into this journey.

There is no magic pill. When working with plant medicines/ teachers, we are the one who are doing the work in integrating and transforming. Plants take us inwards and reflect to us of who we are. It is up to us to do the work and walk the path. When we take actions, we shift too in our physical realities. 


Preparing for Cacao Ceremony:

Cacao is a powerful yet simple medicine which does not require any strict diet.

*It is highly recommended to attend the ceremony on empty stomach or  at least two hours after light meal. Limit dairy product in your meals on that day.

*No Coffee is recommended in that morning and alcohol intake the night before. Plus, stay hydrated.

*Prep your sacred space! Have your journal next to you. This is your “Me Time!”


*Raw Cacao is slightly acidic (around 5.3-6.0 on Ph scale) so make sure you balance out your diet with Alkaline foods.

*Cacao can increase heart rate, thus those with heart conditions are recommended to start with a low dose. 

*If you are taking any SSRI medication, cacao is not recommended as it can cause major migraine.

*If you are sensitive to migraine, start with a very low dose. Cacao can increase serotonin in the brain as well as trigger migraine symptom. 


To Join & Register:

  • Download Zoom App for free

  • Have good internet connection

  • Create your sacred space and bring your intention. (VDO on prepping your cacao and space is at the bottom of this page)

  • Prep Ceremonial grade or Raw Cacao, If you don’t have any, bring your favourite tea!! Everyone is Welcomed.

  • Cacao Dosage for this ceremony: from 28 – 33 grams/ cup. If you are joining at night time, go for a lower dose as cacao may keep you up at night.

  • If you are in Bangkok and wish to purchase a portion of cacao from me, I can provide heirloom ethically sourced Peruvian Ashaninka Cacao for your ceremony. If you are located some where-else, I can perhaps advise you great providers that may ship to your location.

  • You will receive Zoom link at least 30 mins before the ceremony starts.




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June Full Moon & Sound Healing  – 5th June 3.30 pm Thailand time

June Full moon brings illumination and clarity of Sagittarius. Energies that assists us in forward movement and anchoring evolving consciousness.
This Full moon

Together with these energies of the full moon portal and spirit of Mama cacao, we journey inwards into gratitude of the heart and clarity of the mind. Anchoring love and insights for our spiritual growths.
 is also named Strawberry Full-moon for harvesting time. Time of Ripeness where we can align ourselves with clarity of creative and imaginative ideas and bring them into forms.

This ceremony, we have a special guest who will be sharing sacred sound healing with us. Rachel Mense. 

“Rachel uses sounds healing and the wonderful gifts from mother earth in the form of essential oils to raising our energetic vibration and well being. Sound waves washes over our subconscious mind and body releasing & restoring our balance and harmony. She will be playing a combination of Planetary & Tibetan Singing Bowls as we immerse ourselves in Nalinee’s magical and powerful cacao & guidance.”


June Solstice with Lyran Council & Nalinee – 21th June 8.00 am Thailand time

Power gateway for us to connect with divine energy of the Sun.
Reflection of our divine self, illumination and life giving force.
Sol, Soul, Sun to Soil; we ar conduits of life force.
Let us sit together in this sacred space. Anchoring energies of this powerful solstice gateway with spirit of gratitude and love through presence of Mama Cacao.

I’m feeling presence of the Lyrans..they will be joining us delivering messages and light language transmission as well.




Any amount that you can pay from 0 to 22 USD so no money, no worries 🙂

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or contact me for Bank Transfer if you are in Thailand.


To Register: Please CONTACT ME: 

(*You will receive a reply within one to 24 hours. Thank you for your patience)


Here is a vdo on how to Prepare Cacao and Space for Ceremony.