Soul Reading

EXCHANGE – Thai Baht 1,600 (around 51 USD)


Greetings dear soul family

It is a pleasure for me to offer channeling messages of guidance on your spiritual growth.

*Soul Reading is done remotely and comes to you in form of recording (around 30 minutes long)

This reading serves as a key in initiating deeper and clearer connections with your soul path via higher self, oversoul and spirit guides.

This also offers clarity of your current spiritual process and state of being so that you can move forward with inspirations and sense of empowerment.

In this recording, you will be bathed in transmissions of light language activations, and frequencies of love and oneness.

This reading includes: 
– Light Language transmissions
– Messages of guidance and self-empowerment from your oversoul/higher self and guides
– Connection with your galactic families
– Soul records (Akashic records)
– Answering any question that you may have


“Nalinee has conducted several soul readings for me and they have all been profound and incredibly spot on! It actually gives me the chills sometimes the way spirit weaves the messages through her in a way that is so potent! Not to mention you can honestly feel Nalinee’s authenticity and love pouring through the entire session ? She is a gift to this planet! If you feel the call to book a session you will not regret it,”  Cobin.



There is no need for us to meet. Having your permission and name is enough for me to connect with your energy on the soul level.

* The session is done remotely and come to you in form recording. Please download it straight away as the link will be expired within a few weeks. 

* The exchange is  in Thai Baht (THB)

*You will receive an email from me within 24 hours after payment.

*This service is booked until the Second week of November