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Soul Connections Through the heart

Greeting Dear Soul Family


This site is a new branch that grew from my first website –

A deep appreciation for all who have shared my path and inspired me. May the light and love of All shine through us.

This is a space where you can find Light Language Art, Private Sessions, Cacao Ceremony (Online and in Bangkok) and more.


All flows from my heart to yours.

Nalinee Diosara 

Light Language Art, Private Sessions, Oracle Cards, Cacao Ceremony




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42 ORACLE cards & Digital guidebook





Feel the Art, Build your Own narrative, Activate the Creator Mind within

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” Nailnee reading was so beautiful and insightful, during the reading I felt like was taken on a gorgeous journey inward to my most sacred truths and even forgotten truths, such a fantastic reminder of who I AM. I could feel energy shift in my body as Nailnee expertly brought through different transmissions of Light Language… I can not explain the soothing effect this had on my very essence, to give it words would be to do an injustice to the experience as it transcended mere words -you will just have to get a reading yourself and experience the magic first hand. Thank You Nailnee for the gifts you give humanity by your very presence. “

from sister Joanna

“..Cacao journey with Nalinee was nothing short of amazing……It was a very emotional journey for me but never once did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe in her presence. I felt very comforted like a cradled child and walked out feeling tremendously renewed. I love the space that she had created for us for the day as well. It was very calming, peaceful, and absolutely gorgeous…”



“Nalinee’s offering of “Deep Journey Within” is a such a special and sacred experience. She has a real gift for connecting with the multidimensional expressions of the soul and offering guidance and encouragement for your unique journey. It is tremendously healing, activating and awakening. There is also an element of your own remembrance, which is palpable! There is an amazing connection Nalinee creates that facilitates a sacred experience of allowing yourself (selves) to be seen and,simultaneously, being truly seen. This is a magical, soul-igniting experience which is a gift. Will definitely be back again soon. Thank you dearest Nalinee for all you are and all you offer.”

from Emily 


“My main objective is to show the way to the state of self-empowerment, love, creativeness and gratitude within the heart,”


Photo was taken in Amazon, Peru 2017

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