Cacao, Mopacho  (Sacred Tobacco ) & Paolo Santo


So why cacao is such a wonderful and powerful medicine especially in this moment of time?


We are definitely flowing through intense changes collectively and individually. Fears, confusions and anxieties are being triggered as we are all learning to grow, embrace changes and flow into the unknown. 

To the Mayans, Cacao is the medicine of the heart, reflects the spirit of gratitude and brings us back into harmony.

The high content of magnesium in ceremonial grade cacao assists us into the state of relaxation. This helps us get into deeper breathing and meditative state a lot more at ease.

Theobromine (Theobroma – Food of the gods) in cacao increases blood flows in our body, more blood into the brain and heart giving us clarity of the mind as well as the opening of the heart centre. 

Thus, Magnesium and Theobromine in cacao reflect us the state of both relaxation and clarity. Not only that cacao is perfect for meditation and anchoring creative and new ideas, but she is also the medicine of and for the heart. This is why we can release old emotions and return into love with less resistance in the presence of this medicine.

The medicine also boosts serotonin and dopamine making her a natural anti-depressant. 

Moreover, ceremonial grade cacao contains other goodness such as the high quantity of flavonoids, a boost of antioxidants in the body once consumed. There are also iron, protein even rare minerals like copper and selenium in this medicine.

Cacao is different from Cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is highly processed leaving us a minimal amount of the goodness mentioned above. Cacao fat too is removed and left with only powder form.. without the fat of Cacao our body absorb fewer nutrients. 

Consuming ceremonial grade cacao is highly recommended in order for us to meet the spirit of Mama Cacao. Ceremonial grade is hand planted, picked, fermented, sometimes roasted and is distributed through fair trade, giving fair support to those who keep this ancient medicine alive.

I highly encourage to search for heirloom cacao as the seeds are an ancient breed with the roots dig deeper into the soil leaving us less heavy metal.

The intentions within the process of growing, harvesting and distributing have effects on the energy of the medicine.

There is a lot of information one can research more on this medicine. I always encourage others to research as that is a way of building a relationship with the plants. 

Indigenous Tribes & Ceremonial Cacao

Looking forward to drink Mama Cacao with you all 

Nalinee Diosara