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TalkingStickShow #22


Surrendering, Ancestors, Oral Teachers, Source Connection

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Nalinee Diosara, the day 3 speaker on The Alchemy of Ascension II.

with the host Waxela Sananda


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LOVE SPEAKS LOVE 26: Nalinee Diosara 17.6.20


This talk and light language that came through was such a high vibe..come and tune in

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TalkingStickShow #9

Nalinee Diosara – Scribe Of Light Language

“Light Language, Lyrian , cacao ceremony & plant medicine ?”

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Light Language, Plant Medicines and Art

A lovely Chat with Gia Trionfo Hooper, Host from Multidimensional Living

Here sharing an interview with the Host – Gia. This interview was live on Multidimensional Living Facebook Group.


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EPISODE 3: Channeling Light Language & Compassion

In this episode, Bangkok-based healer and light language artist, Nalinee Diosara discusses her journey to discovering higher consciousness messages, the akashic records, and holding ceremonial space with sacred cacao plant medicine.

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The Matters: Mind The Unseen Heart

Why Art Matters – Art & Mental Illness

Sharing a Short Introduction of an Exhibition that I am so honoured to be one of the featured Artists and guided a short meditation there.

Gratitude to  Gabriela Moriarty the heart and curator of the exhibition and Liam J Anderson for this lovely VDO.


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The Freedom Network with the host Seanin Mouland 11th Dec. 2019

We chat via heart space & authenticity regarding current energies and process of self mastery as well as working with plant medicine. Include, guided meditation & Light Language Transmission


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Samadhi Speaks: 11.11, Lyran Light Language with Nalinee



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The Freedom Network Live

with Seanin Mouland 

Topics: Awakening Journey, Shifts of Post Atlantean energies & Self empowerment, Plant medicines and more..



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The Quantum Light Consciousness Show

with Jerrel Christopher

Topics: Creative flows, Inner Child, Mindfulness and Stillness of the mind, and more…



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Episode 10: Starseeds, Soul Origins, Light Language and Lion’s Gate 2019 Energy

The Soul Awakening Podcast with Kat Fowler

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