“My main objective is to show the way to state of self-empowerment, love, creativeness and oneness within the heart,”


Nalinee is a scribe of light language and conduit of All. She is excited to offer wisdom and insights which includes transmissions and messages from Lyran Council, Thoth/ Teyhuti and many more. Her works vibrate on the soul level and reflect multi-dimensional facets of the souls. With her powerful yet gentle transmission and her ability to channel, she guided many to state of peace, empowerment and oneness. Transmissions that she delivers transmit healing, clearing, DNA activations and also soul remembrance.

Her objective is to assist others on their spiritual journey through; inspiring creative and artistic expressions, offering activations of soul frequencies, as well as cultivating love, unity and self-empowerment.

Her light language art has been anchoring high frequencies into many homes around the world.