Online Private Cacao Ceremony



Shamanic Journey with Mama Cacao

Drum, Didgeridoo, light language & sounds

Private Online Cacao Ceremony

with Nalinee & Michael


95 USD  Special – 85 USD

This is an exciting new extension of my cacao service to you. An opportunity for us to meet online via zoom meeting and journey together with the guidance of Mama Cacao to unlock what is needed to be seen, release, transform and nurture.

Here Micahel & I provide a safe and intimate space of transformation. Together with clarity, relaxation, love and gratitude that mama cacao inspires, we journey inwards.

What is Cacao Ceremony?

We offer supportive and meditative space to go inwards engaging with the voice of the higher self through the spirit of mama Cacao.

Ceremonial grade Cacao has medicinal properties in relaxation, clarity, blissful feelings and love. Spirit of Cacao invites us into the place of our hearts. Meeting and embracing all that we are which includes suppressed emotions. Not only that Mama Cacao reminds us of gratitude and harmony. She also helps us in birthing new ideas, inspirations and guidance for us to embrace our new self and chapters. Here is a safe, supporting and loving space for you to go into this journey.

There is no magic pill. When working with plant medicines/ teachers, we are the one who is doing the work in integrating and transforming. Plants take us inwards and reflect us of who we are. It is up to us to do the work and walk the path. When we take action, we shift too in our physical realities.

Prior to your ceremony:

  • After booking, we will exchange emails regarding the date and time availability and intentions for your ceremony.

  • Pre Ceremony Face Chat of 20 mins where I can assist you in preparing and anchoring your intention for the ceremony.

Within this 90 minutes journey:

  • Guided meditation to journey inwards.

  • Sound & Light Language Healing and Activation.

  • Delivering messages of guidance for empowerment, release and transformation.

  • All will be recorded and delivered to you after the session.

What you will need:

  • Zoom app (free download)

  • Ceremonial Grade Cacao (after booking, we will exchange emails to organise the time and I can advise you where to find your cacao)

  • If you are in Bangkok and wish to purchase a portion of cacao from me, I can provide heirloom ethically sourced Peruvian Ashaninka Cacao for your ceremony.

  • Good internet connection

  • Private space where you will not be interrupted. (This is a sacred moment and space you are giving to yourself!)

  • Journal to write down what comes up during your journey.


95 USD  

Special – 85 USD

This price includes pre-ceremony chat, 90 mins journey & recording of the session.

*Cancellation with refund is offered only at least 48 hours before the ceremony.

Current availabilities:

We can select a time and Date (date may vary according to time differences)

–  available from July

Or feel free to contact me via:

*Because of the time difference, you will receive a confirmation email of your ceremony after payment within an hour to 24 hours. Gratitude for your understanding and patience in advance.

 How to Prepare Cacao for Ceremony

*Channel love and gratitude into your brewing process 

– Chopped your Cacao according to the amount that you wish (28 grams is a good dose to start)
– Bring a cup of water into a boil
– Turn off the heat and add chopped Cacao
– Whisk until smooth
Optional – add Cinnamon, Cayenne or your choice of spices

Preparing for Cacao Ceremony:

*Light Meal at least an hour or two before the ceremony.

*No Coffee is recommended in that morning and alcohol intake the night before. Plus, stay hydrated.

*Prep your sacred space! Have your journal next to you. This is your “Me Time!”


*Cacao can increase heart rate, thus those with heart conditions are recommended to start with a low dose.

*If you are taking any SSRI medication, a small amount of cacao is recommended as higher dose can cause major migraine.

*If you are sensitive to migraine, start with a very low dose. Cacao can increase serotonin in the brain as well as trigger migraine symptom.


*Gratitude to a sister who took time to write such a heartfelt review!

“When I contacted Nalinee for the ceremony, I felt inspired by her presence, art, and singing. It was exciting knowing we would connect through cacao wisdom. I didn’t know what to expect and over the weeks towards our ceremony date many shifts happened in my life. When we met through zoom your calming energy touched my being. Nalinee shuffled her tarot cards and they reminded me of how through cacao we can have an inner journey to experience love. Love towards our self and love with what is. She sang beautifully during the ceremony while her words carried ancient wisdom. The cacao showed me its life in the jungle and how it was harvested by the farmers. Mother earth was here for me and roots grew underneath my feet. I felt the caress of my guides, smelling flowers and hearing crickets. Suddenly I was free, and I didn’t have to search for freedom. My inner child was with me and we became one. You guided me towards feeling my heart with my desires and all the imaginations wanting to be expressed through art. I finally remembered how I felt before coming to earth. Art is the most fascinating and creative thing on earth for me. Its explosive, free and anything can happen! All thoughts of what is good and what isn’t disappeared as the essence was revealed. I saw a burst of color shooting into the sky travelling through the world. Any shape I desired for it to be, was possible. This made me feel it’s worth living here on earth going through the confusion and fear-based programs because I will still be able to find my core, embody it and celebrate it. Tears of relief dripped from my eyes, my mouth couldn’t help but smile. I reached my hands out to give away what I don’t need. I received love back. Burdens and sadness were given to my dragon guide. Even the physical pain I felt in my foot, from an old injury, was addressed. It had to do with my feelings about taking action and moving forward. When the session ended, Nalinee, gave me time to share my inner journey. She listened to me with love and care. And we even sang and let light language flow between us. It was the first time in a while I could sing in the presence of another person and feel their support. She is a sister. Her soul feels so familiar. During the session, I saw the image of my name: rising sun of the lotus . And Nalinee told me I don’t need to hold myself back because I am like a flower. I grow and when the time comes to bloom I share my wisdom like how a flower opens their petals and share their fragrance. Thank you for being you Nalinee. You being you invited me to be me.”