Greeting all

Within these private sessions, I will be tuning into your energy and working with you, your higher self and guides.

There are sessions that are done remotely like Soul Reading & Deep Journey Within.

Also Zoom live and In-person like Private channeling and Shamanic Healing.

Plus, offering from my husband Michael as well as us togther


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Email:


Private Sessions with Nalinee

Soul Reading (remote)

Deep Journey Within(remote) 

Channeling Session via ZOOM LIVE or In-Person

Shamanic Healing ZOOM or In-Person


Private sessions with Michael

NEWCard Reading & Sound Journey with Michael (Didgeridoo and more)


Private sessions with Nalinee & Michael

Personalized Journey Drum, Didgeridoo, Light Language & Sounds with Nalinee & Michael (Remote)