I am so happy I decided to attend this amazing workshop. Nalinee created a supportive and nurturing environment for learning.  Her guidance is invaluable and with her tutelage I have confidence in my ability to connect with my spirit guides. It has been a wonderful journey that I look forward to continuing.,” M.R


“I always love receiving one of Nalinee’s readings. They open up an immersive ocean of soul memory and the happy potential of new adventures! At once grounding and liberating, her songs always find me when I am ready for them,”

from Chole

” Nailnee reading was so beautiful and insightful, during the reading I felt like was taken on a gorgeous journey inward to my most sacred truths and even forgotten truths, such a fantastic reminder of who I AM. I could feel energy shift in my body as Nailnee expertly brought through different transmissions of Light Language… I can not explain the soothing effect this had on my very essence, to give it words would be to do an injustice to the experience as it transcended mere words -you will just have to get a reading yourself and experience the magic first hand. Thank You Nailnee for the gifts you give humanity by your very presence. “

from sister Joanna

“Today we had such a beautiful and gentle yet powerful one on one Cacao Ceremony online. Rebirthing and connecting with ancestors. My heart is filled with joy and humbleness. Thank you and thank you all. Love to all,” Lew, Australia

“For anyone who wishes to experience Cacao Ceremony, I strongly recommended this event. I just had my first ceremony and OMG it was super powerful,” Peter, Thailand

“I felt and still feel, the pure vibration of her intention and of the energy and information which was present during the timeless session. The information she shared, resonated completely with me, on the deepest level of being. Nalinee, Thank you so very much for your loving and humble presence and to those, who graced us with their love and light.” From Soul Brother, UK.

“The session was amazing and with the audio it is a totally new experience. All parts – observations, healing, messages from guides, grounding and integrating meditation – are all full of insights and skillfully crafted.

Soul Brother from Canada via distance session.

” I had a very very intense sleep with a thick plot of vivid and highly unusual dreams. Muscular pain everywhere as after a hard weightlifting training. Dreams…I was recalling dreams long forgotten…and somehow had several dream-streams simultaneously. Now feel much rejuvenated! Thanks again…”

from A Soul Brother, Canada

“I have been yearning, for so long, for such connections as Nalinee has connected to, and has brought, through the reading! This, surely, is, the best, most thorough, highest quality reading, that I have ever received! Thank You! Thank You!” 
Soul Brother, Timothy

“Thank you so much for my personal Light Language Art and for all of the light, love, and wisdom that came through in the healing session. It all resonates deeply within me and touches a place in my heart that is so divine and so special. I have listened to the recording of the healing session once and can’t wait to listen to it again and again.” Soul brother from the States, Paul

“Thank you! I am buzzing and at a deeeep peace….this channel-blessing REALLY set me back in alignment with deeeep peace.” 
soul sister from USA via vdo recordings

“As I was watching this video I began to calm down, then my left knee felt warm. Like someone had put their hand on my knee and a huge amount of my irritability began to leave me. Very powerful video and transmission. Thank you as always Naline (and Naline’s guides ;)” 
soul sister via vdo recordings

“Many heartfelt thanks to her! Just noticed some of her youtube videos yesterday and find they are very inspiring indeed … so many thanks and appreciation … sympathise with her and where she has been … love the way she is bring clarity and understanding, recognition and acknowledgement of spirit world … and reaching out to everyone around the world … north, south, east, west … and love her art also” 
Soul Sister from NZ.