Online Workshop – Being Conduits


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 Being a Conduit

Online Workshop – Opening up to Channeling

In your own unique & authentic ways

Includes 4 Group & 3 Private classes

5 participants max

Welcoming all levels and experiences in channelling 

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This second-round workshop runs from

3rd July to 21st August 2022


Time for four 90 min group sessions: 6.30 pm Thailand, 7.30 am EST, 12.30 pm UK

Group sessions dates are: 3rd July, 17th July, 24th July, 21st August


Time and dates for three 60 min private sessions will be scheduled via email after booking

Replays will be provided

It is a powerful moment for each of us to step into the awareness of the heart

Into our own unique connections with higher self & spirit guides.

Being clear conduits that bridge harmony between the spirit and physical worlds.


This workshop offers both group and private sessions to nurture community support as well as individual processes.

I will be sharing my experiences and knowledge regarding channelling and holding space for us to learn from one another as well as guiding each of you in one on one sessions to unlock ways for you to deepen your relationship with channelling.



‘This is a beyond-the-norm channelling workshop which includes both group teachings and private channelling classes.  I really appreciate its clarity, delicacy and versatility –  Nalinee’s recommendations in the private sessions and sharing skills in group classes.   Her loving and joyous approach always makes me feel safe and fully supported.  And she is very helpful and open in sharing her channelling experience and tools with us.  Highly recommended !” A.C




Practising neutralising energy and focus

Embracing the path of knowing thyself

Exploring the state of being a clear conduit and introduction to channelling

Building deeper connections with your guides in your own unique ways

Gaining the practice of allowing spirit guides to deliver their messages

Practising channelling messages for yourself and others

Group Sessions will cover:

  • Different states, ways and purposes of channelling

  • Being a balanced channeler/ conduit

  • Neutralising focus and energies

  • Channelling for oneself & others

  • Channelling tools & Creating Space

  • Holding space while channelling

  • Group channelling QnA with Nalinee’s Guides

  • Practising channelling in a small group setting


Private Sessions will cover:

  • Embracing one’s unique ways of receiving and transmitting energies and information.

  • Individual process of rebalancing and opening up to channel

  • Exchanging one-on one channelling.


What do you need:

  • Headphones/ earphones with a good microphone

  • Zoom app (free download)

  • Dedication to participate in this workshop as well as practice in your own time.

  • Journal/ notebook

  • Curiosity and excitement in channelling/ being a conduit

  • Curiosity and excitement to explore your inner layers and connection with your intuitions and guides

  • The excitement of sharing and learning from others in a group setting


Looking forward to share this space with you all 🙂