Workshop – Being a Conduit

Connecting deeper with Intuition & Spirit Guides

Opening up to Channeling


Combination of Group & Private (4 group session & 3 Private)

One-on-One Private workshop of Five Sessions



“This is a beyond-the-norm channeling workshop which includes both group teachings and private channeling classes.  I really appreciate its clarity, delicacy and versatility,” A.C 

“I am so happy I decided to attend this amazing workshop. Nalinee created a supportive and nurturing environment for learning.  Her guidance is invaluable and with her tutelage I have confidence in my ability to connect with my spirit guides. It has been a wonderful journey that I look forward to continuing.,” M.R

“Nalinee has been a catalyst for my spiritual development offering deep reflections, wisdom, practical advice and transmissions that have assisted me greatly deepening my own connection with my team. I have deep gratitude for Nalinee facilitating the Workshop and for the other participants who shared their unique experiences and light in a beautiful and safe space,” L.F