Exciting Upcoming Online Ceremonies

May – 26th Lunar Eclipse & Vesak

(and to be announced…

June  Solstice

July 3 days Cacao workshop)

“Anyone who wants to experience cacao ceremony,
I strongly recommend this event. I just had my first ceremony and OMG it was super powerful,”  Peter

Online Cacao Ceremony

Journeying through May Lunar Eclipse & Vesak

with the heart of healing & love

Another powerful portal that May 2021 offers us.

26th May aligns with Vesak day – Birth, Enlightenment and death of Budhha and too this day along with the beginning of 13-day cycle of Mayan Sacred Calendar – Tijax or 13-day cycle of healing. 

What makes this day extra special is that there will be a lunar eclipse which will be visible around 6.48 pm Thailand time. 

So come and join the sacred space, live on Zoom. 

We will journey together inward into healing and nurturing energy that the universe always provides for us as well as into each of our hearts so that we can connect deeper with inner voices of wisdom.



26 May 2021

7 pm Thailand, 8 am EST, 1 pm London

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Note: No Cacao, no worries just come and join us. 

(I can too recommend you to the nearby provider)

Exchange: Donation – 0 USD to 44 USD

(my PayPal: nalinee14@windowslive.com)

for the bank transfer in Thailand, please contact me

Register via email: soulconnectionsnalinee@gmail.com


*Please Read:

Preparing Yourself for Cacao Ceremony:

*Have a light meal at least an hour before, avoid dairy & Deep Fried foods. 

*No alcohol on that day and the night before, Coffee at least 5 hours before.

*Stay hydrated.

*Enough sleep the night before


What you will need for Online Ceremony:

  • Download Zoom App for free

  • Have good internet connection

  • Create your sacred space and bring your intention. 

  • Headphones or Earphones for better sound quality (note: wireless earphones can have delay in sounds at times)

    Create your sacred space and bring your intention.

    Journal, to write down any messages that received during the journey.

  • If you don’t have any Ceremonial Cacao, no worries! Just come and Join the sacred space. Everyone is Welcomed.

  • Prepare Ceremonial grade, Cacao Dosage for this ceremony: from 25 – 30 grams/ cup. If you are joining at night time, go for a lower dose (20 – 25 g)  as cacao may keep you up at night. Keep your medicine brew warm in a flask!

  • If you are in Bangkok and wish to purchase a portion of cacao from me, I can provide heirloom ethically sourced. If you are located some where-else, I can perhaps advise you great providers that may ship to your location. CONTACT ME: soulconnectionsnalinee@gmail.com 


Any question please CONTACT ME: soulconnectionsnalinee@gmail.com 

(*You will receive a reply within one to 24 hours. Thank you for your patience)



*Cacao can increase heart rate, thus those with heart conditions are recommended to start with a low dose. 

*If you are taking any SSRI medication, consume a small amount of Cacao. High Consumption of Cacao together with SSRI can cause migraine. 


If you are interested in a private one on one ceremony please visit this link:  Private Online Ceremony or Bangkok Ceremony


The core objective of this online group ceremony is to assist one another with love and support in releasing heaviness and anchoring presence of love, clarity, and gratitude into our beings and lands.

Online Ceremony will be held via Zoom meeting.

*If you are looking for More Intimate, Deeper Journey and Healing with Mama Cacao, please check out Private Online Cacao Ceremony    

and Private Cacao Ceremony Bangkok


What is Cacao Ceremony?

Here I offer supportive and meditative space to go inwards engaging with the voice of higher self through the spirit of mama Cacao. 

Ceremonial grade Cacao has medicinal properties in relaxation, clarity, blissful feelings and love. Spirit of Cacao invites us into the place of our hearts. Meeting and embracing all that we are which including suppressed emotions. Not only that Mama Cacao reminds us of gratitude and harmony. She also helps us in birthing new ideas, inspirations and guidance for us to embrace our new self and chapters. Here is a safe, supporting and loving space for you to go into this journey.

There is no magic pill. When working with plant medicines/ teachers, we are the one who is doing the work in integrating and transforming. Plants take us inwards and reflect us of who we are. It is up to us to do the work and walk the path. When we take actions, we shift too in our physical realities. 



Preparing for Cacao Ceremony:

*Have a light meal at least an hour before, avoid dairy. 

*No alcohol on that day, Coffee at least 5 hours before.

*Stay hydrated.

*Prep your sacred space! Have your journal next to you. This is your “Me Time!”


*Cacao can increase heart rate, thus those with heart conditions are recommended to start with a low dose. 

*If you are taking any SSRI medication, consume very small amount of Cacao. High Consumption of Cacao and SSRI can cause migraine. 

Join & Register:

*If you are sensitive to migraine, start with a very low dose. Cacao can increase serotonin in the brain as well as trigger migraine symptom. 


How to Prepare Your Own Cup of Cacao:

*Channel love and gratitude into your brewing process 

  • Chopped your Cacao according to the amount that you wish (28 grams is a good dose to start)

  • Bring a cup of water into a boil

  • Turn off the heat and add chopped Cacao

  • Whisk until smooth 

  • Optional – add Cinnamon, Cayenne or your choice of spices