Private Cacao Ceremony Bangkok



Cacao shamanic journey 

Transforming & Empowering with Mama Cacao.

@ Bangkok, Thailand



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Here I provide a safe and intimate space of transformation. Together with clarity, relaxation, love and gratitude that mama cacao inspires, we journey inwards.

With respect and love to plant medicines/teachers and shamanic practices; I will be guiding you in unlocking what is needed to be seen, let go, empower and transform.


What is Cacao Ceremony?

A supportive and meditative space to go inwards engaging with the voice of higher self through the spirit of mama Cacao.

Ceremonial-grade Cacao has medicinal properties in relaxation, clarity, blissful feelings and love. Spirit of Cacao invites us into the place of our hearts. Meeting and embracing all that we are which including suppressed emotions. Not only that Mama Cacao reminds us of gratitude and harmony. She also helps us in birthing new ideas, inspirations and guidance for us to embrace our new self and chapters. Here is a safe, supporting and loving space for you to go into this journey.

There is no magic pill. When working with plant medicines/ teachers, we are the one who is doing the work in integrating and transforming. Plants take us inwards and reflect us of who we are. It is up to us to do the work and walk the path. When we take action, we shift too in our physical realities.



Preparing for Cacao Ceremony:

*Have a light meal at least an hour before, and avoid dairy.

*No alcohol on that day, Coffee at least 5 hours before.

*Stay hydrated.

*Prep your sacred space! Have your journal next to you. This is your “Me Time!”


*Cacao can increase heart rate, thus those with heart conditions are recommended to start with a low dose.

*If you are taking any SSRI medication, consume very small amount of Cacao. High Consumption of Cacao and SSRI can cause migraine.

*If you are sensitive to migraine, start with a very low dose. Cacao can increase serotonin in the brain as well as trigger migraine symptoms.


In this Private Ceremony:

  • 20 mins Face Chat – Consulting Before the Ceremony and During to assist you in your own process of transformation.

  • Merging with Mother Cacao

  • Shamanic journey with drum, sounds and Light Language.


Please note that time and dates are flexible

Please email me: regarding possible dates.

The Ceremony takes around 3 hours

For Two People/ Couple – Please email me:

One on One

Exchange:  3,500 Baht 


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*Gratitude to a sister who took time to write such a detailed review!

“I’ve just had a private cacao session with Nalinee because I felt that it’s what I needed to set the tone for this new year with my goals and objectives that I’ve never successfully met. I have been living a life driven by fear and chose that that’s the life I no longer wish to live.

The journey with Nalinee was nothing short of amazing. What I loved was she took her time to sit down (video call) and discuss the things I wanted to focus on and what I wanted to let go, as a pre-ceremony exercise where I can go away for a week and journal and take the time to think about what I really want. To do the work first by myself. This is what I like about her, she is not going to be your clutch and make you dependent for the rest of your healing journey. The core of the work is on you.

On the day of the ceremony, we first discussed what I wanted out of the session and how we will work together to get there.

What I truly love about her is her energy. I’ve always felt very comfortable around her like I’m in my own skin (which is something I’ve always struggled with), no judgment, only acceptance and love. She made me feel safe. I initially didn’t understand in-depth, what we would actually be doing that day. I like that she took the time to explain everything to me and guided me through all the things that I needed to work on; from past programming, getting centred and connected to myself again, etc. She also explained that this is not a pill-popping fix or a band-aid. I will have to put in the effort to continue to work on the things we have discussed post-ceremony.

It was a very emotional journey for me but never once did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe in her presence. I felt very comforted like a cradled child and walked out feeling tremendously renewed. I love the space that she had created for us for the day as well. It was very calming, peaceful, and absolutely gorgeous. She also made a super yummy fruit salad for both of us after we concluded the ceremony!

Thank you so much Nalinee for you. I have always appreciated your presence, your guidance, and your belief in my path to my own purpose. Thank you a million times over.”