*Gratitude to the clients who allow me to share the custom art

Personalised Light Language Art+ Shipping of Original piece

(optional +20 mins Audio Session)

Unlocking Inner Medicines,  Empowerment, and Multidimensional Connections.

Just Fully Booked until 2022.. Thank you so much!

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For this service, I will be tuning into your higher self, oversoul and spiritual team to bring forth any image and codes that offer you what is relevant such as deep DNA activations, cleansing, healing, and multidimensional remembrance.

Here I act as a scribe of any set of Light Langauge art or Light Codes art for you. 

The size of the original piece varies according to availability. At the moment, I have 100% cotton 300 grams 9 x 12 inch 

For the extra option, I will then tune into your energy again to deliver approximately 20 minutes of audio session blending together with energy reading and light language.


The service will take around a week or more to complete.



Please select an option using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page.


Option A: 

  • Digital copy in high resolution will be sent to you first through your email

  • Original Painting (watercolour on 300 grams) will be shipped to you from Thailand via standard email with the tracking number.


Option B:

  • Digital copy + Original + 20 min Audio TransmissionThe audio transmission comprises of messages, sound and light language that connect you deeper to the energy of the custom codes.



*Please download the recording & digital image straight away as the links will be expired within few weeks.

*You will receive an email from me within 24 hours after payment.

*in case of return due to unclaimed or incorrect address provided by the customer, reshipment cost will be requested.

* The exchange is in Thai Baht (THB)  

This Service is FUlly Booked! Please Subscribe to receive Newsletters

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Thank YOU



I had the session of Personalised Light Codes + Audio with Nalinee. It was fabulous! And my Original Painting of my soul’s essence in light language is just so beautiful. She is highly talented!! I was so glad it was mailed to me so I could frame it. Nalinee does great work and is an amazing light worker!! I highly recommend her to have sessions with and my husband will book one too,” Merediht